To ensure transparency, and provide robust evidence on progress, each of the five commitments will be independently measured and evaluated against a series of metrics (or key performance indicators) linked to the activities, outputs and impacts of each actions

This process will be consistent with the best practice approach used by public bodies, including the Gambling Commission, HM Treasury and UK Evaluation Society. 

Proposed indicators have been developed, linked to the activities, outputs and
outcomes/impacts to measure progress against each and evaluate progress towards achieving the commitments and actions



The key actions to deliver commitments



The workplan to support actions



Short-term metrics used in evaluation



Long-term metrics used in evaluation

Reporting and assurance

We expect to report on progress annually. The process will be undertaken externally. Our ambition is to provide our stakeholders with accurate, complete and sufficiently detailed information which will enable them to make a fair assessment of our performance. We expect to highlight positive achievements and note areas that either require improvement, or have not

yet commenced, bearing in mind that the Commitments cover a 5 year period and it will not be possible to make progress in all 10 areas in the first year. The data provided in the report will be subjected to a rigorous external process of review and checking.