Creating a culture of safer gambling


We want safe and responsible gambling to be the norm


Trust in our industry has declined and we are perceived as falling short of society’s expectations.

safer gambling commitment V

We are determined to address this. We will examine our own conduct and values and consider what we can do to encourage a more responsible safer gambling culture in society as a whole.


Commit our businesses to achieve GamCare’s Safer Gambling Standard and to work towards achieving the Advanced Level Awards

Ensure all participating operators have an appropriate Employee Safer Gambling Policy setting out actions to deliver these commitments, including internal training programmes to build awareness, capability and capacity on Safer Gambling practices and standards across our workforce

Commit our leadership teams to purposeful engagement with people who have lived experience of gambling addiction, and its devastating consequences

Develop an open source collaboration repository for all gambling companies to access safer gambling tools, open source code and share best practice to raise safety standards across the industry


Drive cultural change across the industry by transparently reporting on our progress to attain Advanced Level Awards in Safer Gambling Standards

Spread best practice through an open source collaboration repository and by sharing our safer gambling employee policies and case studies from internal training programmes with the wider gambling industry

Create a culture that encourages the right organisational behaviours and values by training staff in safer gambling practices