Protecting and empowering our customers

Continuous innovation


We will empower our customers to gamble safely through innovative products and tools that enable them to stay in control. We acknowledge the widespread concerns around protecting at-risk customers due to the ease of switching between operators.

safer gambling commitment IV

Through continuous innovation, we are determined to find solutions, create easy-to-use safer gambling tools, protect financially vulnerable customers and create more consistent approaches to risk management


Creating new industry–wide standards to embed safer gambling practices throughout the customers’ gambling experience, including publishing a minimum set of markers of harm and interventions to identify and interact with at-risk customers

Working with operators and industry partners to devise and implement best practice in relation to identifying and interacting with at-risk customers via affordability assessments

Working with the banking industry to encourage all banks to offer blocking software

Working with government and the regulator, we will seek to create a mechanism enabling gambling companies to share data on vulnerable or at-risk customers

Developing clear and consistent product labelling and product information to help customers make informed choices


Making safer gambling tools and customer support more visible and accessible, both on and offline, to help customers stay in control


Providing appropriate funding and other support for the providers of multi-operator self-exclusion schemes to develop the services and applications

Developing best practice guidance and standards to support online customers who have returned to gambling after a period of self-exclusion

Across all retail operations, develop and agree a set of triggers, appropriate to the venue and product, to identify and act on at-risk play customers, which includes an industry standard for staff-led customer interactions


Encourage the widespread adoption and use of safer gambling tools

Improve how we engage and interact with customers showing signs of risky behaviour

Work with key stakeholders to solve the GDPR challenge to share data on vulnerable customers