The Chief Executives of the leading gambling companies in the UK have announced, with immediate effect, a package of Safer Gambling Commitments to address the harm gambling can cause to customers and young people


Richard Noble

John Coates

Tony Rodio

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Kenny Alexander

Paul Willcock

Mor Weizer

John O’Reilly

Ian Proctor

Ulrik Bengtsson

The Safer Gambling Commitments represent the most comprehensive set of measures from the widest group of leaders across the sector to support the UK Gambling Commission’s national strategy to reduce gambling harms. They will deliver long-term and fundamental changes in how gambling companies are run in the UK and how they empower, protect and support their customers.

These Commitments are a starting point. This cannot be done alone and relies on collaborating closely with stakeholders. Constructive partnerships with charities, support providers, academia, industry peers, government and others are key to delivery.